Medicine Direct Online Pharmacy

Medicine Direct Online Pharmacy

Medicine Direct, The UK's Local Pharmacy

Medicine Direct is a UK online pharmacy and Online doctor service that allows customers to purchase their prescription drug needs online and get them delivered straight to their door. 

Medicine direct is a fully licensed and regulated online pharmacy and only works with doctors that are GMC qualified, meaning that you are provided with medical care of the highest standard. 

As an online pharmacy, there is no need for a face to face consultation to receive the medication that you require. Instead our online doctor will carry out an online consultation with you within a matter of minutes. After your consultation, our doctor will prescribe you with the medication that they feel you need. Your prescription is then sent directly over to our UK based pharmacy who will then dispatch the medication to you the very next day. You can view how the whole process works on our how it works page.

The online consultation consists of a series of questions specific to your condition and the medication that you are trying to purchase. The questions you will be asked will be the same questions that a doctor would ask you if you went to see them during a face to face appointment. 

Buy Prescription Drugs online in the UK

All of the medication that we sell online at Medicine Direct are prescription drugs, which means that a valid UK prescription is needed in order to receive your medication. Our doctors can prescribe the medication to you after you have completed your online health check questionnaire to ensure that the medication that you are requesting is suitable for you.

Here is a list of the prescription drugs that you can buy online:

Some of the prescription drugs that you can buy online need to be taken with care, which is why our doctor will reject an order if it meets the following criteria.

  1. Our doctor suspects that you are abusing our service
  2. We suspect that you are ordering for someone else
  3. We find out that you are also ordering the same or similar products from other online pharmacies
  4. Our doctor suspects that you addicted/overusing the prescribed treatment
  5. If our doctor feels that you would not benefit for the medication that you are trying to purchase

About our online pharmacy and doctor service

Our service is designed to allow people to get the medication that they need in a faster and more time effective manner. We dont believe that you should be required to attend a face to face meeting with a doctor to receive your medication.

We offer an all inclusive service from creating a prescription for you, to delivering your medication to your doorstep.

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