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What is Cilest?

Cilest pills are contraception tablets which are used to avoid pregnancy in women. After undergoing the process of physical intimacy, the tablet can be used either in case of the skipping of menstrual cycle or also in the case of preventing pregnancy. These 21 days course is advised to the women who do not plan to have a baby in near the future. The tablet is a tare typically prescribed in 21 day courses, with one tablet being consumed every day throughout the duration of the course. The cilest pill typically takes 7 days to provide effective contraception, it is advised that upon intimacy within the 7 day period another form of contraception is used, typically condom's to avoid pregnancy. The cilest pill is available in different potencies depending upon the ratio of active and inactive ingredients present in them. The cilest pill works by preventing ovulation and also leads to a thickening of the body’s natural mucus surrounding the womb, making it extremely difficult for sperm to pass through.

This product is no longer produced by the manufacturer 

Cilest Dosage

Women are advised to take the pill continuously for 21 days and are supposed to take the tablet at the same time each day. After completing a 21 day cycle a break should be taken for seven days where women might face bleeding for either two or four days. In case of any abnormalities please inform your doctor immediately.

In Case of Initiating the Treatment

Women are advised to take the tablets for 7 which must be initiated on the Day 5 of the menstrual cycle. This will help them in preventing pregnancies by preventing the egg to release while ovulation cycle.

Recommended Dosage for Women immediately after Abortion

Women are advised to go for a whole course of Cilest contraception pills 21 days after the abortion to avoid further pregnancy. The dosage of the Cilest pill will remain the same as usual.

Using Cilest to skip a period

Women are advised to take a single tablet daily for the full 21 day course in order to skip a period. Upon the cycle finishing, periods will commence as usual.

Cilest Side Effects

Incorrect usage of the tablet can lead to hazardous consequences such as:

  • It can cause severe pain in abdomen leading to water retention;
  • It can cause vomiting sensation and dizziness in women;
  • It might lead to the increase in the size of breast in women and in worst cases it might cause breast cancer;
  • Abrupt weight loss and gain can be observed;
  • It might adversely affect following pregnancies in terms of inoculating any abnormalities in a baby, therefore doctor must be consulted before it’s in take.

Cilest Warnings

Before taking a contraception pill, women must be aware of all of its consequences while it is advised to visit a doctor regularly to avoid any hazardous consequences. Cervical areas, breast of a woman and abdominal cavity must be thoroughly observed before and after taking the tablets. Women already suffering from any kind of disorder related to cervical region such as vaginal bleeding o even suffering from high blood pressure are not advised to take the tablets. In case of skin sensitivity medicine should not be taken before the advice of doctor.

Doctor must be immediately informed in case of:

  • Blood clots;
  • Blood clotting disorders;
  • Diabetes;
  • Gallbladder problems;
  • Heart valve disease; and
  • Irregular heartbeat.

Cilest Ingredients

The Cilest pill is made up of 2 main ingredients that when combined will provide effective contraception for women.

  • Ethinyloestradiol; and
  • Norethisterone.

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