EllaOne is the most commonly prescribed morning after pill and provides 98% effectivness in preventing pregnancy when used within 120 hours of unprotected sex. EllaOne works by preventing the release of the egg during ovulation which restricts the sperm from reaching it, resulting in pregnancy.

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EllaOne Morning after Pill

EllaOne is one of two morning after pills available in the UK. It is widely prescribed as emergency contraception after unprotected sex if there is a risk that this may lead to pregnancy. EllaOne has to be taken within 5 days of having unprotected sex, although it is most effective when being taken as soon as possible after sex.

EllaOne pills compose of ulipristal acetate which works as an effective ingredient for the prevention of egg release during ovulation period. Depending upon the ratios of active ingredients EllaOne is available in potency of 30 mg. The pill works by providing assistance to the hormones present in the body, depending upon the aim to be accomplished.

EllaOne works in a very similar way as other contraceptive pills in the way that it prevents the ovaries from releasing the egg and as a result, prevents pregnancy. This pill is 98% effective when taken as an emergency contraception as close after sexual intercourse as possible.

Taking EllaOne after Ovulation

Emergency contraception medications are not 100% effective. The reason for this is that the pill works by stopping the release of the egg from the ovaries which restricts sperm from reaching it. However, the ellaOne morning after pill only has a chance of working if ovulation has not yet taken place. If the egg has already been released the morning after pill will provide no effectiveness in preventing pregnancy.

If the ellaOne pill is taken before ovulation and as soon as possible after sexual intercourse effectiveness of this emergency contraception is much greater and proven to be 98% effective at preventing pregnancy.

EllaOne Dosage and Instructions

EllaOne is one of the most recommended tablets which are to be used immediately after intercourse. This medication will provide effective emergency contraception up to 5 days after sexual intercourse. There are no limitations for the women who are already on their period; they can also take this tablet after intercourse. In case of vomiting soon after the intake of medicine or within three hours of taking the medicine women are advised not to take another tablet. The tablet is for single use only.

EllaOne and Levonelle

EllaOne is one of the two different types of morning after pills available in the UK. The other pill is Levonelle. Both pills work in exactly the same way, by restricting the release of the egg during ovulation. Both different types of morning after pills are as effective as each other, however EllaOne Is usually the preferred and more commonly prescribed pill in the UK.

Levonelle has to be taken within 72 hours of sexual intercourse whereas ellaOne can be taken within 5 days (120 Hours).

EllaOne side effects

Incorrect usage of the tablet can lead to hazardous consequences such as:

  • It can cause severe pain in abdomen leading to water retention;
  • It can cause vomiting sensation and dizziness in women;
  • It might lead to the increase in the size of breast in women and in worst cases it might cause breast cancer;
  • Abrupt weight loss and gain can be observed;
  • It might adversely affect following pregnancies in terms of inoculating any abnormalities in a baby, therefore doctor must be consulted before it’s in take;
  • Abrupt mood swings can also be observed in the patients; Menstrual cycle might also get badly disturbed.

EllaOne in actual is an emergency pill which is advised to be taken immediately after unprotected intimacy, however it cannot be taken regularly as its over dosage ( a dosage that increases the limit of 200 mg) can cause adverse effects.

Therefore women are advised to switch to other contraception pills for regular usage. Before taking a contraception pill, women must be aware of all of its consequences while it is advised to visit a doctor regularly to avoid any hazardous consequences. Cervical areas, breast of a woman and abdominal cavity must be thoroughly observed before and after taking the tablets.

Women already suffering from any kind of disorder related to cervical region such as vaginal bleeding or even suffering from high blood pressure are not advised to take the tablets. In case of skin sensitivity medicine should not be taken before the advice of doctor

Where can I buy EllaOne Online and what is the price?

EllaOne can be purchased over the counter in many pharmacies and can even be prescribed by your local doctor. The morning after pill usually requires a face to face consultation with your doctor, however that is no longer the case. EllaOne can be purchased online by simply completing an online health questionnaire that our doctors will review.

EllaOne can be purchased by the following high street pharmacies, Superdrug, Boots and Medicine Direct online for an average price on £35.

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