Chlamydia Treatment

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Medicine Direct offer a range of chlamydia test kits and treatments which are available to buy discreetly online.

Chlamydia Treatment


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  1. azithromycin chlamydia treatment - buy online from medicine direct UK online pharmacy

    Buy Azithromycin to treat Chlamydia online

    Please note brand received may vary

  2. Chlamydia Test Kit
    Chlamydia Test Kit
    From As low as £27.99
    • Chlamydia at home Test Kit
    • 99.9% Accurate
    • Suitable for Men and Women
  3. Doxycycline
    • Treats Chlamydia
    • 1 Week course
    • Treats men and women

    Please note brand received may vary

Doctor Notes

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the UK. Chlamydia usually presents a number of symptoms; however, it can also show no signs of infection. If you have any symptoms or have recently had a sexual partner who has tested positive, we recommend buying a Chlamydia self test kit for an accurate diagnosis.

Upon a positive self test result, you can buy Chlamydia treatment online from Medicine Direct. We offer a next day delivery on all sexual health treatments.
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