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What is Diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea is the term used to describe loose or watery stools which are passed more frequently than normal. It is common for both adults and children to experience bouts of diarrhea, and it will normally leave your system within a few days.

The most common causes of diarrhoea is a bowel infection, known as gastroenteritis. There are numerous ways the infection can be caused such as catching a norovirus, or consuming food and water infected with E.coli or parasites. In fact, it is very common for people travelling abroad to areas with poor hygiene to become ill with diarrhoea as food may be washed in infected water. You can also buy medication specific to travellers diarrhoea from Medicine Direct.

If your diarrhoea lasts any longer than a few days, you could be suffering with chronic diarrhoea. Chronic cases are usually a sign of underlying symptoms such as food intolerance, irritable bowel syndromes or stress related illness.

Is Diarrhoea Contagious?

As it is usually caused by a virus, diarrhoea is very contagious. The NHS would advise anyone suffering from diarrhoea to remain home for at least 2 days after last having diarrhoea before returning to work or school.

There are various ways you can avoid contracting diarrhoea:

  • Ensuring food preparation surfaces are kept clean using anti-bacterial products. Also being aware of foods use by dates to ensure bacteria such as E.coli isn’t eaten
  • Wash your hands frequently before preparing food and after using the toilet
  • If someone you live with has come down with the illness, wash all clothing and bedding which has been soiled separately on a hot wash
  • Be conscious of food preparation whilst travelling abroad. General advice is to avoid local water and ice if you are unsure. You can check the travel advice website for more information.

How to cure Diarrhoea

Sometimes you can treat diarrhoea at home. The key to a speedy recovery is to make sure you are drinking lots of water and fluids to avoid dehydration. As diarrhoea can sometimes make you feel nauseous, you should take small, frequent sips until it passes. One way to check you are hydrated is by keeping an eye on the colour of your urine. It should be light yellow or almost clear if you are hydrated.

It is also recommended that you should eat small, light meals as soon as you feel able to. Avoid anything spicy or highly fatty as this can irritate the bowels further. Pharmacists and GPs also recommend using oral rehydration solutions such as dioralyte or prescribed medicines which contain loperamide such as Imodium or norimode.

You can order anti-diarrhoea tablets online using our UK pharmacy.

Where can i buy Diarrhoea tablets online?

Our online pharmacy has a range of diarrhoea relief tablets available. Simply fill in a medical assessment form, and one of our qualified doctor’s will recommend the best anti-diarrhoea medicine for you.