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Anti Malaria Tablets

Order anti-malaria tablets online today. We offer a range of treatments with free shipping or next day delivery options.   

Malaria is a tropical disease carried by mosquitos which can prove fatal. It is recommended by doctors that anyone travelling to countries at risk of malaria takes preventative antimalarial tablets. Taking this medication can reduce your chances of catching the serious disease by up to 90%.  

At Medicine Direct, we offer a range of anti-malarial tablets which can be ordered online. Simply complete an assessment with our doctors, and order the treatment prescribed to you.  


Symptoms of Malaria

It is important to be aware of the early signs of Malaria so that you can immediately seek medical help if you begin to experience them. If recognised and treated quickly enough, full recoveries can be made.  

Symptoms include:  

  •     High temperatures 
  •     Headaches 
  •     Vomiting 
  •     Muscle pains 
  •     Diarrhoea 
  •     Shivering and feeling feverish 

If you have been bitten by an infected mosquito, these symptoms generally begin to show around a week to 18 days later. Typically, the symptoms appear in a 2-day cycle, fluctuating between feeling cold and shivering and then severely fatigued.  

Buy Malaria Tablets

Our UK online pharmacy has three treatment options available: 


One week to yearly courses of either 50mg or 100mg doses of this treatment can be ordered. Following your online consultation, our doctor will prescribe the course most suitable for your needs and length of holiday.  



Between one week and seven-month courses of 250mg can be ordered of this antibiotic. To prevent malaria, it is recommended to take one 250mg dose weekly. 



A course of one week to 12 months can be prescribed. Adults should take one 250/ 100mg tablet per day unless advised differently.  


You must remember which anti-malaria tablet you are taking in case you do contract the disease. You can’t be treated with the same antibiotic you are using preventatively, as it will not be effective in curing the disease.  

Malaria Tablets Side Effects

Inform your doctor of any family or medical history so that they can prescribe you the correct dosage and brand of anti-malaria pills. Although side effects are uncommon, some people report experiencing symptoms as a result of taking these antibiotics. Below is a list of common side effects caused by malaria tablets: 

  •     Diarrhoea or vomiting 
  •     Headaches 
  •     Heartburn 
  •     Thrush 
  •     Skin sensitivity to light  
  •     Dizziness 
  •     Sleep disturbances  

Which countries do I need Anti-Malaria Tablets for?

For information on which countries are high risk of Malaria, visit before travelling. Advice changes daily on how to stay safe and healthy whilst away. You should also tell your local GP if you are planning on travelling to make sure you are up to date with all necessary vaccinations