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What is Asthma?

Asthma is a common lung condition that affects your ability to breathe normally. It may occur randomly or be triggered by exposure to things such as dust or smoke. While it is incurable, there are many effective treatments to keep your symptoms at bay.

What Medicine Direct can offer for Asthma

Medicine Direct offers a variety of different inhalers to suit your exact needs. This includes reliever inhalers to calm symptoms when they occur, and preventer inhalers to stop symptoms developing. We also offer combination inhalers, which combine both of the above effects in one.

Asthma Treatment

Although an incurable condition, asthma has several very effective treatments. This means that symptoms can generally be kept at bay and managed if breathing problems or attacks do occur.

For most people, two inhalers are prescribed. One is a blue inhaler, which relieves symptoms, the other is a brown inhaler which prevents them. Combination inhalers also exist. These are small devices that allow you to breathe medicine in so that it reaches the important places - your airways and lungs.

When used daily, the preventer inhaler will make your airways less sensitive and therefore less likely to react to things that can trigger your asthma. This leads to fewer and less severe symptoms. As the protective properties of this inhaler build up over time, it may be that a doctor advises you take this inhaler twice a day, usually once in the morning and once in the evening. This applies even if your symptoms stay at bay and you feel fine.

The reliever inhaler, on the other hand, is for when an asthma attack actually occurs. It acts immediately to relax the muscles around the airways. This allows your airways to open wider, making breathing easier and eventually bringing the asthma attack to an end.

Treatment Length for Asthma

As asthma is incurable, it is a lifelong condition. If you have asthma, you should always carry any and all prescribed inhalers with you just in case you need them.  However, the frequency you need to use them will vary from person to person. Some people do not need to use an inhaler regularly and can just use them when attacks occur. For others, it may be necessary to take your preventer inhaler one a basis for an extended period.

You can buy various asthma inhalers at Medicine Direct, including Ventolin, Salamol, Flixotide, Clenil Modulite, Atrovent, Bricantly and Seretide.

Asthma Symptoms and Warning Signs

Generally, the most common signs of asthma are the same regardless of your gender or age.

Common Asthma Symptoms

  •     Breathlessness/shortness of breath
  •     A tight chest
  •     Coughing
  •     Wheezing

Common Asthma Attack Symptoms

  •     Breathlessness/shortness of breath that stops you sleeping, eating or speaking
  •     A tight chest that is constant and severe
  •     Coughing that is constant and severe
  •     Wheezing that is constant and severe
  •     Fast heartbeat, or breathing fast
  •     Feeling dizzy, exhausted, drowsy, confused or faint
  •     Fainting
  •     Lips or fingers that turn blue

Asthma in women

While asthma is more common in young boys than girls, once adulthood arrives it impacts more women than men. It is thought that female hormones are the reason for this. Some women find that their symptoms worsen around the time of their period. Having an action plan and keeping a symptom diary can help manage this.

Getting An Asthma Test

If you are concerned that you have asthma, it is important to get to a doctor as soon as possible. If you’re looking to buy asthma inhalers online, fill out a Medicine Direct health questionnaire here. This will be passed to one of our doctors, who will assess your symptom and prescribe the right course of treatment for you.