Bacterial Vaginosis

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What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Also known as ‘BV,’ bacterial vaginosis is a common infection of the vagina. It develops in a similar manner to thrush, where there is an imbalance of bacteria. Although it is not an STI, being infected with BV can increase your chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease.

It is not completely clear what can cause BV to grow. However, unprotected sex or washing the vagina too often is thought to increase the risk of infection. Some ways you can prevent the chances of developing bacterial vaginosis are:

  •     Not using female soaps or deodorants as they can alter the pH balance
  •     Change tampons and pads frequently
  •     Avoid strongly perfumed washing detergents

Signs of Bacterial Vaginosis

There are a few symptoms women may notice when infected with bacterial vaginosis. These include:

  •     A change to vaginal discharge; it may appear green, grey or seem thinner
  •     A strong fishy smell to the discharge or vagina
  •     Burning sensation whilst urinating
  •     Pain during sex
  •     Itchiness or irritation of the vagina

Although these symptoms may show in some infections, many women experience no warning signs of BV. If your vaginal odour or discharge does change, it is recommended to go and visit your GP.

How to treat Bacterial Vaginosis

In some cases, BV can go away on its own once the body has restored the bacterial balance. However, if symptoms persist, bacterial vaginosis is usually treated with either antibiotic tablets, a metronidazole gel or a clindamycin cream.

Creams used to treat BV help to relieve symptoms such as itchiness, as well as restore the pH balance. Some brands also work to neutralise the strong smell, which some sufferers can find embarrassing.

Metronidazole gel contains an antibiotic which helps to fight against the bad bacteria causing the infection. It is spread in the areas around and inside the vagina for up to five days to cure the infection. Metronidazole is also available as a tablet.

Buy Bacterial Vaginosis treatment online

At Medicine Direct, you can order bacterial vaginosis antibiotic treatments online. Simply complete an online consultation with one of our qualified doctors, and they will prescribe whichever antibiotic is right for you. All postage is free, and packaging is discreet.

We have up to seven different types of antibiotics available for bacterial vaginosis:


Treatment can be bought in either 50mg-100mg strengths, and in various course time lengths. Our doctors will review your health history and advise the dosage on a case by case basis.



This antibiotic can be ordered in packs of seven 200mg tablets per order. Please follow the doctor’s dosage recommendation.



Between six to twelve tablet packets are available for purchase online.



Between three to six tablet packets can be prescribed to treat bacterial vaginosis, based on severity of symptoms.



A one-week course is usually prescribed by the doctor to treat BV.



One 250/100mg tablet to be taken per day.