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What is thrush?

Thrush is a common fungal condition caused by a yeast infection in the vagina, penis or mouth. Around 75% of women will experience thrush in their lifetime. It is caused by an overgrowth of yeast bacteria that cannot be contained by the natural, good bacteria.

It can be very uncomfortable, and generally needs to be treated using medicine. Thrush symptoms can differ between men and women. They can also be mild or more complicated depending on the severity of the infection.

Thrush Symptoms

For women, symptoms of thrush include:

  •     Thick, white discharge
  •     Soreness or burning during sex
  •     Itching or irritation of the vagina
  •     Stinging whilst urinating

For men, symptoms of thrush include:

  •     Redness or burning around the foreskin and head of the penis
  •     White discharge
  •     Unpleasant smell

If you keep on getting thrush, you will need to go and visit your GP to rule out any other health issues. It might be the sign of an STI, or the result of an immune system condition such as diabetes.

What causes thrush?

Although thrush is not an STI, it can be passed on, or caused, by sex. More commonly, you can get thrush by changing the balance of bacteria in your vagina or penis. This can happen if you are taking antibiotics, are pregnant, or if your skin is irritated. Irritation can be caused whilst showering if you use heavily perfumed soaps, and if you do not dry yourself properly after washing.

How can you get rid of Thrush?

There are a variety of ways you can ease the symptoms of thrush. Avoiding sex and using cotton underwear will help to restore the bacterial balance. Steer away from tightly fitted clothing or synthetic materials.

Thrush vaginal tablets, also known as pessaries, are one option for treatment. These are put inside the vagina using an applicator. Typically, vaginal thrush treatments can be used for up to 6 days. If your thrush has not improved, you should visit your GP for advice.

Antifungal creams can also be bought to help relieve the symptoms of thrush. A common home remedy is to use natural yoghurt. However, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that this can improve the symptoms of thrush. Nonetheless, women have reported that yoghurt can help to relieve burning or itching sensations.

Buy thrush medication UK

If pessaries and antifungal creams do not work, oral tablets can also be used. At Medicine Direct, you can order a course of thrush tablets. Simply fill in the free online consultation with one of our doctors, and they will prescribe you the medication if you are eligible.

We offer one of the most commonly taken thrush tablets, Suprax.


This medication comes in the form of cream and is to be applied to the affected area. This medication can be used to treat thrush in both male and females.