Erectile Dysfunction

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What is Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is the medical name for when a man can’t get and/or keep an erect penis. The word ‘impotent’ may also be used to describe this problem. It is very common and can happen for several reasons, including stress, tiredness and alcohol consumption. It is not harmful, but in a small number of cases may be the sign of an underlying health condition. Erectile dysfunction treatment is widely available, some of which can be bought without seeing a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction, also sometimes called impotence, is when a penis can’t maintain an erection or stay erect. This is due to a lack of blood flowing to the penis. Erectile problems are very common and are generally harmless. In some cases, an erection can be maintained by relaxing and being patient. In others, it may be that you are tired, drunk, stressed or anxious, and this is preventing you from getting or staying erect. In some cases, erection problems let you know that there is a health issue you need to deal with. You can also take a variety of tablets to help you get an erection quickly, that lasts for several hours.

What can Medicine Direct offer for Erectile Dysfunction?

Medicine Direct offers a variety of erectile dysfunction tablets, including Viagra, Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra and Spedra. They are all PDE-5 inhibitors and work in the same way; you can learn more about this below under Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. You can buy erectile dysfunction pills from these brands here at Medicine Direct in a variety of dosages and pack sizes.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction pills work to help you get and keep an erection. They do this by reducing the effect of a chemical in the body called Phosphodiesterase type 5, or PDE-5. PDE-5 makes sure that too much blood doesn’t go to the penis during an erection. However, when erectile dysfunction occurs, the chemical overcompensates and does not send enough blood to the penis. This lack of blood means an erection cannot occur. Tablets relax and widen your blood vessels and increase the flow of the blood to the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Erectile dysfunction symptoms include:

  •     Problems getting an erection/getting hard
  •     Problems maintaining an erection/staying hard
  •     Reduced sexual desire

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction are varied; some are physical while others are emotional. These include:

  •     Stress
  •     Anxiety
  •     Tiredness
  •     Alcohol, or excessive alcohol consumption
  •     A side effect of medication

Porn induced erectile dysfunction can also be an issue for some men.

If you suffer from penis erection problems you may want to make some lifestyle changes, including:

  •     Losing weight (if necessary)
  •     Exercising regularly
  •     Quitting smoking
  •     Reducing feelings of stress and anxiety

If you experience erection problems regularly, for example more than half the time you have sex, you should speak to a doctor. This is because it may indicate an underlying health condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

If you would like to buy erectile dysfunction tablets online, fill out a Medicine Direct health questionnaire here. This will be passed to one of our doctors, who will assess your symptoms and prescribe the right course of treatment for you.