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What is Nausea

Nausea is when your stomach may feel tender and uneasy. It causes the urge to be sick. Nausea is a symptom, rather than an ailment in itself. There are numerous different causes of sickness, from bugs to anxiety.

Generally, sickness is caused due to a stomach virus.

Common Nausea Causes

  • A reaction to medicine
  • emotional anxiety or stress
  • stomach ulcers
  • food intolerances
  • motion sickness
  • food poisoning
  • overeating
  • alcohol

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How To Stop Nausea

There are numerous ways you can treat feeling sick at home. Opening windows or taking a walk outside to get fresh air can help. Also, taking small sips of water will help to calm your stomach and keep you hydrated.

Some people find that ginger products and teas containing peppermint can help to get rid of the feeling of nausea.

Another trick to stopping nausea is to simply distract yourself. The less you focus on the feeling of sickness, the better you may feel. It is important if your feeling of nausea lasts for longer than a few days, or is recurring, that you visit a GP. This is to ensure the sickness isn’t being caused by underlying health problems.

If you feel your nausea worsen you can try and avoid being sick by resting in a sitting position. Avoid moving too much as this may lead to being sick. Also try to avoid sitting in a car for a long period of time as the motion can cause sickness.

If you experience nausea as well as a tight or heavy chest, pain spreading across your torso or shortness of breath contact 999 immediately. These are all common symptoms of a heart attack. 

Nausea During Pregnancy

Experiencing nausea during the first stages of pregnancy is very common. Although it is commonly called ‘morning sickness’, it can affect women at any time during the day. Some pregnant women feel sick all day.

 There are a few ways you can reduce the symptoms of morning sickness. Try and rest as much as possible as feeling sleepy can cause the nausea to feel more severe. It’s important to try and stay hydrated at all times. Some women find that eating cold foods help them, as the smell of hot meals can trigger sickness.

‘Acupressure’ is another trick to try to alleviate morning sickness. This involves placing a special band on your wrist or forearm to create a pressure that relieves nausea. Usually, women feel better after around 12 weeks of pregnancy as hormone changes aren’t as severe.

You must call your midwife or GP if you are vomiting and are unable to keep food down for 24 hours, or have very dark-coloured urine. These are signs of dehydrating or a UTI which need to be treated as soon as possible.

How to Avoid Severe Nausea

Severe bouts of nausea can last for days, and may also be accompanied by migraines or diarrhoea. More serious cases of sickness are generally caused by food poisoning and viruses. Both of these causes of severe nausea are avoidable by practicing proper hygiene with food preparation and cleanliness.

You should always wash your hands after using the toilet, and before preparing food. It is also important to make sure you are aware of use by dates, and store left over food safely to avoid bacteria multiplying.

If you are travelling, be cautious of street food and local water. Generally, it is advised to avoid drinking local water. Although you cannot be sure of hygiene standards of a restaurant, a safe guide is to always ensure all food is thoroughly hot before eating. 

Over the Counter Nausea Medicine

Medicine to treat sickness can be bought over the counter at pharmacies without a prescription. Many anti-nausea medicines contain bismuth subsalicylace which protect and calm your stomach lining. Common branded examples of this ingredient are pepto-bismol and kaopectate.

Other OTC nausea medicines work by blocking neuron messages reaching the part of the brain which is responsible for creating sickness. Examples of this medicine is Dramamine and Bonine.

If you are experiencing stomach cramping as well as sickness, a pharmacist may also recommend using paracetamol. Before buying any medicine from a pharmacy, ensure you inform them of any other symptoms, medical conditions or medication you may be already taking.

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