Alopecia (Hair Loss)

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What is Alopecia?

Alopecia Areata is the medical term for hair loss. The condition usually begins by causing small patches of baldness and, although it most commonly effects the scalp, it can also lead to hair loss in the beard, eyebrows and across the limbs. In some cases, sufferers can experience complete body hair loss.

Hair lost to alopecia can regrow, but it may take months or even years. In some cases, it cannot be guaranteed that any regrowth will happen. Early signs of alopecia are not consistent across everyone. Hair thinning may begin gradually over time, or the follicles could suddenly all be lost.

Medicine direct have a range of hair loss treatments available. Begin an online consultation with one of our doctors today, to be prescribed the best hair loss tablets for you.

Causes of Alopecia

Not all hair loss is a sign of alopecia. People naturally lose between 50-100 hairs a day. Moreover, gradual hair loss is a normal part of the ageing process.  However, some hair loss may be a medical condition caused by illness, stress, anaemia or chemotherapy. Other reasons for hair loss may run in the family, such as male pattern baldness.

Understandably, experiencing hair loss can be upsetting, so you should seek help if your alopecia begins to affect your wellbeing. You should also consider getting a medical consultation if patches of your hair are going completely bald, you’re losing hair in clumps or your scalp has a burning sensation.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men

If the hair loss is mild, then treatment is not needed. The hair is likely to grow back over time, especially if it was caused by a medical condition. For more severe hair loss, there are a variety of treatments available to stimulate hair growth. For instance, there are scalp steroid creams which can be applied to the areas of baldness twice a day.

For complete baldness, some people invest in wigs to cover their heads. Tattooing is also an option for those who have lost short hair, for example, their eyebrows. Some people have also invested in hair transplant surgery, in which hair follicles from healthy areas are moved to the patches of baldness. Tablets can also be prescribed.

Buy Hair Loss Tablets

At Medicine Direct, we offer a range of hair loss tablets available on prescription. Simply complete an online consultation with one of our doctors, and they can recommend which treatment is right for you.

We offer two types of hair loss medication:


A single 1mg tablet is to be taken daily without any breaks. You can order it in boxes of 28-168 tablets.


1mg tablet to be taken daily at the same time. Boxes of 28-168 tablets can be purchased.