• Replaces lost body fluids
  • Contains essential electrolytes
  • Prevents dehydration
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About Dioralyte
  1. What is Dioralyte?

    Dioralyte sachets contain essential replacement electrolytes, which help to replace fluids in the body during dehydration caused by vomiting and diarrhoea.   

    You can buy Dioralyte over the counter. 

    What is Dioralyte used to treat?

    Dioralyte is used for conditions that cause you to lose natural fluids in your body, such as acute diarrhoea or vomiting.

    The powder is blackcurrant flavoured, which becomes a sweet-tasting drink when dissolved in a glass of water. Containing electrolytes, which are added to the water, it helps the body to absorb more fluid.

    When you have conditions like acute diarrhoea, much of the fluid in your body is lost through excessive and watery bowel movements. Dioralyte, therefore, helps to prevent dehydration, which is particularly risky for the young and the elderly.

    Why is Dioralyte recommended for dehydration?

    Dioralyte has been tested and shown to be an effective oral rehydration solution. It has been found to be more effective than some other oral rehydration solutions. 

    Furthermore, Dioralyte can be used by people of all ages, although children under the age of 2 years should only take it under a doctor’s recommendation. This means that if an entire household has been hit by a vomiting or diarrhoea bug, Dioralyte can be used to prevent dehydration in everyone.

    How does Dioralyte work?

    When you have uncontrollable problems like diarrhoea or vomiting, your body loses a lot of fluid, either through being sick or through watery bowel movements. This can lead to dehydration.

    Dioralyte works to prevent dehydration by helping the body to absorb more fluids. It helps to replace the water and salts that are lost through vomiting and diarrhoea.

    Dioralyte sachets contain salts and glucose, which work to help the body absorb electrolytes and water effectively. This helps to restore the healthy balance of electrolytes that the body needs to function properly.

    Who can use Dioralyte?

    Do not take Dioralyte sachets without speaking to your doctor first if any of these conditions apply to you:

    • You are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in this medication
    • You have an intestinal obstruction, where your bowel is either partially or fully blocked
    • You are exhibiting signs of a serious allergic reaction
    • The child who needs this medicine is under 2 years old
    • You have diarrhoea that has lasted for longer than 24-48 hours
    • You have diabetes
    • You have chronic or persistent diarrhoea
    • You have either liver or kidney disease
    • You are on a low-potassium or low-sodium diet
    • You have been told by your doctor that you are intolerant to certain types of sugars

    Refer to the patient information leaflet for a comprehensive list of reasons why Dioralyte may not be suitable for you to take.

    Can you buy Dioralyte over the counter?

    Yes, Dioralyte can be bought from your local pharmacy or supermarket without needing a prescription.

    However, if you have a child under the age of 2 years old, they should only take this medicine under a doctor’s advice.

    Can you buy Dioralyte online in the UK?

    You can buy Dioralyte online from Medicine Direct without needing a prescription. Just complete a simple and confidential online questionnaire to make sure it is suitable for you.

    Never buy any kind of medication online unless it is from a registered pharmacy, like Medicine Direct. Always look for the pharmacy registration number on the homepage.

    Dioralyte alternatives

    There are several alternatives for diarrhoea available to buy online from Medicine Direct.

    One of the most popular medicines for treating diarrhoea in adults and children over 9 years of age is Norimode. A prescription-only medicine (POM), Norimode should be taken for up to five days and works by slowing down food as it passes through the gut. This allows your body to draw in more water from the intestines, firming the stools and reducing how often you need to go to the toilet.

    Loperamide Hydrochloride is one of the most effective medicines for treating diarrhoea. It is also the active ingredient contained in several branded medicines, including Norimode and Imodium. The generic version of this medicine is also available from Medicine Direct.

  2. Dioralyte Dosage

    Our pharmacists and prescribers follow NICE guidelines when prescribing Dioralyte.

    Always take Dioralyte exactly as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist.

    Read the patient information leaflet thoroughly before you start to take it. 

    • Prepare this medicine just before it is due to be taken, not in advance.
    • If you are giving Dioralyte to a baby over the course of one day, you can keep it refrigerated for up to 24 hours.
    • Do not dissolve the powder in any liquid other than water. 
    • Adults should use one or two Dioralyte sachets after each loose stool.
    • Children should use one Dioralyte sachet after each loose stool.
    • If your baby is under 2 years old and needs Dioralyte, this should only be given on the advice of a doctor.
    • If you still have diarrhoea after between 24 and 48 hours, seek a doctor's advice.

    How to prepare Dioralyte

    • Empty the contents of one sachet into a glass
    • Add 200ml (7 fl oz) of fresh water
    • With a teaspoon, stir the powder until it has completely dissolved in the water (the drink will be colourless)

    Never mix Dioralyte into more or less than 200ml of water; this is the correct volume of liquid you need to effectively take Dioralyte sachets. 


  3. Dioralyte side effects

    Please read the patient information leaflet, which will come with your medication, for full details on side effects. 

    In rare circumstances, you may suffer from a severe allergic reaction to Dioralyte and require immediate treatment in hospital.

    You should either call 999 or go to A&E straight away if you have any of the following symptoms:

    • You have tightness in the chest or throat
    • You have a skin rash that is red, itchy, swollen, blistered or peeling skin
    • You are finding it difficult to speak or breathe
    • You have swelling in your throat, lips, face, tongue or mouth
    • You are wheezing


  4. Warnings and drug interactions

    Make sure your doctor is aware of any other medications you are currently taking. This includes prescription and non-prescription medication, herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements.

    If you have any concerns at all, you should discuss these with your doctor before you start to use Dioralyte.

    Read the patient information leaflet before you start to take Dioralyte for full warnings. 

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Inform your doctor if you are currently pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or think you might be pregnant before you use this medicine.

    Similarly, you should tell your doctor if you are currently breastfeeding.

  5. Dioralyte Ingredients

    The main active ingredients within this medicine are: Potassium chloride, Sodium chloride, Glucose and Disodium hydrogen citrate.

    For a full list of the inactive ingredients, please read the Summary of Product Characteristics.

  6. Dioralyte Pricing UK

    Quantity  Price
    6 sachets £4.59


  7. Dioralyte FAQ's

    What is Dioralyte?

    Dioralyte is a powder medicine which helps to replace the essential fluids which are lost in your body when you suffer from conditions like diarrhoea or vomiting. It contains electrolytes, which help the body to absorb more fluid. You mix the powder in a glass of water and drink it; it is blackcurrant flavoured, meaning it does not taste bad.

    How should it be taken?

    You should dissolve Dioralyte in a glass of 200ml of water and drink it.

    Why should I take it?

    If you are suffering from a condition such as diarrhoea or vomiting Dioralyte will help you to restore the fluids in your body, to prevent dehydration. If your diarrhoea lasts for longer than 24 hours, speak to your doctor.

    Can Dioralyte help with diarrhoea fluid loss?

    Yes, this medicine contains electrolytes, which help your body to absorb fluid more easily when you are suffering from diarrhoea, vomiting or other conditions that cause you to lose a lot of fluid all at once.
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