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What is the Flu?

The flu is caused by a viral infection. Usually, the infection is spread between people through germs living on surfaces or hands. It is known for being very contagious, especially during the first week of showing symptoms.

You do not have to visit your doctor if you think you have the flu. In fact, it is recommended that you avoid going into your GP so that you do not assist the virus in spreading. Instead, symptoms can be treated at home. If you are suffering from a particularly severe bought of the flu, you can order flu treatment online from our pharmacy.

Simply fill in the online consultation form and one of our doctors will advise you on the best course of action to take, whether that be our antiviral medicine available through prescription or home remedies.

Flu Symptoms

The symptoms of flu can change depending on your age and the strain of the virus. For instance, children may experience painful ear ache on top of the usual symptoms associated with flu. Some adults may also experience vomiting or watery eyes. However, there are common symptoms to look out for when suffering from a bout of flu.

Symptoms include:

  •     Cough
  •     Runny Nose
  •     Sore throat
  •     Headaches
  •     Vomiting
  •     Loss of appetite
  •     High temperature

How long does the Flu last?

The signs of the flu are usually noticeable within one to four days of infection. Initial signs of the virus are fever, headaches and fatigue. The flu usually lasts around one to two weeks, with the most severe symptoms lessening after a week.

As you remain contagious up to seven days after having caught the flu, it is important you try and take time off work to avoid spreading the virus. When you return, be careful to cleanse all worktops and wash your hands properly.

Flu treatment

In most cases, the flu can be treated at home by keeping warm, resting and taking medicine to lower your temperature and relieve your aches. It is also very important to stay hydrated to help flush the virus out.

Some flu strains such as influenza A and influenza B are treated using a prescribed antiviral medicine. The medicine will work by attacking the flu virus to stop it from multiplying and spreading through your body. As it slows the rate of spreading, it gives your body more chance to fight back against the viral infection.

You can order antiviral flu medicine from our online pharmacy at Medicine Direct:


Two tablets are to be taken each day for five days. Different dosage strengths are available, from 30mg-75mg. The doctor will prescribe the correct strength for your needs according to your online consultation.