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What is High Flouride Toothpaste?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water. In the 1950s scientists discovered that, when it was added to toothpaste, it helped prevent decay. Tooth decay is the erosion of teeth or gums, this is caused by the acid produced by dental plaque bacteria. 

These oral bacteria produce higher levels of acidity each time you each sugary food or drink. Eventually, if left untreated, the acid can cause cavities to form in teeth. Using fluoride toothpaste is proven to be one of the best ways to reduce acidity.

Major toothpaste brands now include sodium fluoride in all their toothpastes. However, your dentist may recommend and prescribe a higher strength of fluoride toothpaste for you if you’re at a high risk of tooth decay.

You can order fluoride toothpaste and products online from Medicine Direct. Simply fill in one of our online consultations with one of our doctors and they’ll prescribe the best treatment for you.

How else can you protect your teeth using flouride?

There are a few fluoride dental treatments available for children and adults. Fluoride mouth rinses are sometimes prescribed to those who have tooth decay. Usually, they are used daily in addition to brushing twice a day with a high fluoride toothpaste.

A fluoride varnish can also be applied to teeth by a dentist. This is a layer of varnish which contains a high percentage of fluoride, it is painted over each tooth to strengthen the enamel. Varnish treatment is effective at protecting enamel for up to six months. It will then be topped up if it is still needed.

Is it safe to use high flouride toothpaste?

Across the media there have been concerns that higher levels of fluoride could be harmful. However, there has been no evidence found to suggest there are any risks when using high fluoride toothpaste or treatments.

If a child’s teeth are exposed to too much fluoride whilst developing, they could be at risk of a condition called dental fluorosis. The signs of this condition are thin white lines or speckles across the enamel. It is rare for this condition to become serious enough to affect the look of your teeth. In the UK, Fluoride levels in the water are carefully monitored to ensure it is safe for children and adults to drink.

Where can i buy high flouride toothpaste from online?

Here are Medicine Direct, you can buy a range of dental products containing fluoride. Our order process is fast and simple. Complete a Medicine Direct health questionnaire here with one of our doctors and they’ll recommend the best sodium fluoride products for you.