Estriol Cream

  • Helps to treat the vaginal symptoms of menopause
  • Cream must be applied daily for full benefits
  • Comes with applicator for ease of use
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About Estriol Cream
  1. What is Estriol Cream?

    Estriol cream is a hormone replacement therapy (HRT), prescribed to treat the symptoms of menopause.

    It is used to replace the oestrogen that is lost naturally during menopause. This helps to alleviate discomfort in the vagina.

    You must have a prescription to buy Estriol cream.

    What is Estriol Cream used to treat?

    Women who use Estriol cream do so to relieve the vaginal symptoms of menopause.

    When a woman goes through menopause, the levels of oestrogen in her body will drop significantly. This may lead to problems like vaginal dryness, inflammation and pain during sexual intercourse.

    Menopause is a natural transition that occurs in all women. For most women, it will start between the ages of 45 and 55 and will normally last for around four years after their final menstrual cycle. The symptoms, however, can start well before your last period.

    Women can suffer symptoms such as discomfort or pain during sex, as well as vaginal dryness or itching. A hormone replacement therapy (HRT) cream like Estriol helps to combat this.

    Why is Estriol Cream prescribed for treating menopause symptoms?

    Clinical studies have shown that Estriol is an effective and safe medicine for controlling and improving the symptoms of menopause. 

    How does Estriol work?

    Estriol is a mild oestrogen, meaning this cream helps to boost your oestrogen levels when you are going through menopause.

    Women who are experiencing menopause will suffer a decrease in the levels of oestrogen in their bodies, which can lead to a range of symptoms, such as vaginal dryness, inflammation and pain when they have sex.

    By applying this cream, you are able to alleviate these symptoms, helping you to resume normal sexual activity and go about your daily life without pain or discomfort.

    Who can use Estriol Cream?

    Estriol cream is not suitable for everyone to use.

    Speak to your doctor before using this medication if any of the following conditions affect you:

    • High blood pressure
    • Heart attack
    • Fibroids
    • Liver disease or any other liver problems
    • Migraines
    • Diabetes
    • Gallbladder problems
    • Mastopathy
    • Endometriosis or any other womb problems
    • Any blood clot problems or you are prone to blood clots
    • Porphyria
    • You have, think you may have, or have ever had, breast cancer
    • Epilepsy
    • Systemic lupus erythematosus
    • Asthma
    • Otosclerosis
    • Angioedema

    Always read the patient information leaflet to see the full list of reasons why Estriol cream may not be suitable for you.

    Can you buy Estriol cream over the counter?

    No, Estriol cream is a prescription-only medicine (POM), so not for sale over the counter.

    Can you buy Estriol cream online in the UK?

    You need to have been prescribed Estriol to be able to buy it in the UK. However, by completing an online consultation on our website, you can order Estriol cream from Medicine Direct. One of our doctors, pharmacists or prescribers will review your condition and the answers you provide in a private questionnaire to make sure Estriol is suitable for you.

    Medicine Direct is a fully regulated UK pharmacy. Never buy any medication online from anywhere but regulated pharmacies.

    Estriol cream alternatives

    There is a wide range of HRT treatments available to buy from Medicine Direct. Depending on your unique experience with menopause, one treatment may be more suitable for you than another. One of our doctors will be able to advise. We also stock HRT medicines like:

    • Kilovance
    • Premique
    • Elleste
    • Zumenon

    Browse our full selection of treatments on the Hormone Replacement Therapy product page.

  2. Estriol Cream Dosage and Directions

    Our pharmacists and prescribers follow NICE guidelines when prescribing Estriol Cream.

    Always use Estriol cream exactly as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Read the patient information leaflet thoroughly before you apply it. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using the cream if you are not sure how to apply it.

    How to use Estriol

    You should use Estriol cream in the evening.

    1. Wash your hands before applying the cream.
    2. Ensure the plunger is inserted into the applicator.
    3. Screw the end of the applicator to the top of the tube.
    4. Squeeze the tube to fill the applicator.
    5. Remove the applicator and replace the cap on the tube.
    6. Lie down and open your legs.
    7. Insert the applicator as far as is comfortable into your vagina and press down on the plunger. This releases the cream.
    8. Remove the applicator and rewash your hands.
    9. Wash the plunger and the applicator with soapy water to remove any cream.

    Cleaning the applicator

    It is very important that you keep your applicator clean to ensure hygiene and prevent infections.

    To clean your applicator, remove the plunger from the barrel and wash them both in hot soapy water. Do not use boiling water or any detergents to clean them.

    Rinse both afterwards, thoroughly, with clean water.

  3. Side Effects

    Speak to your doctor if any of these reactions bother you or do not go away:

    • Vaginal discharge
    • Breakthrough bleeding
    • Breast pain or tenderness
    • Feeling sick or being sick
    • Pre-menstrual tension syndrome (PMT)
    • Needing to urinate more often or pain when you urinate
    • Feeling bloated, stomach cramps or stomach pain
    • Patches or darkened skin, painful swelling or bruising in the legs, or small red marks on the skin
    • Faster or irregular heartbeats
    • Leg pain
    • Depression
    • Dementia (memory loss) over the age of 65

    Rarer side effects associated with Estriol cream include:

    • Yellowing of the skin or around the eyes
    • Headaches or dizziness
    • Difficulty in swallowing
    • Blood clots, a heart attack or a stroke
    • Disturbed vision
    • Increased in your blood pressure
    • Worsening of liver problems
    • New or unusual migraines, with or without disturbed vision

    You should stop using the treatment and speak to your doctor as soon as possible if you experience any of the above symptoms.

    Always read the patient information leaflet before taking any medication.

  4. Warnings and drug interactions

    As is the case with all medicines, Estriol cream may interact with other drugs, which can hinder its effectiveness and also increase your risk of side effects.

    Tell your doctor if you are already taking any other medicine, especially:

    • Any medicine that contains St John's Wort, normally used to treat depression
    • Any medicines which are used to treat epilepsy, such as phenobarbital, phenytoin or carbamazepine
    • Any medicines used to treat infections, such as s rifampicin, rifabutin, nevirapine or efavirenz
    • Medications used to treat the HIV infection, including ritonavir and nelfinavir
    • Bosentan, to treat high blood pressure in the lungs' blood vessels

    For more information on medicines that interact with Estriol.

    Health risks

    Using an HRT treatment increases the risk of certain serious health problems including:

    • Stroke
    • Blood clots
    • Breast cancer
    • Endometrial cancer
    • Ovarian cancer

    Certain other factors can make these risks more likely. Read the patient information leaflet for further details. 

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Before using this medication, you should make sure you inform your doctor if you are currently pregnant, think that you may be pregnant, or are trying to get pregnant.

    You should also tell your doctor if you are currently breastfeeding.

  5. Estriol Cream Ingredients

    The main active ingredient within this medicine is: Estriol

    For a full list of the inactive ingredients, please read the Summary of Product Characteristics.

  6. How much does it cost to buy Estriol Cream online in the UK?

    Dose Quantity Buy Online UK Price
    0.01% 1 x 80g tube £49.99
  7. Where is Estriol applied?

    This cream comes with an applicator that should be inserted into the vagina to apply the cream.

    Can Estriol be applied to the face?

    When applied to the face, Estriol can help to treat wrinkles and fine lines. However, this is not why it is prescribed and should not be used as an anti-ageing treatment. Using too much oestrogen therapy can result in side effects.

    Can you gain weight from Estriol?

    Some women claim that using an HRT treatment like Estriol cream makes them gain weight. However, this has never been proven to be connected to using HRT. Menopause can cause weight gain anyway, but you can avoid this by eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise.

    What is the best time of day to use Estriol?

    Ideally, you should apply this cream at night. This will give it time to absorb and get to work. You should apply Estriol when lying down, so doing it at bedtime also makes it more convenient for you.

    What should I do if I’ve used too much?

    Never exceed the stated dose. If you apply too much cream, wash it out straight away. You can suffer side effects from using too much oestrogen therapy.

    How long should you use HRT?

    You will normally be told to take HRT for less than five years. You should discuss the potential dangers and benefits with your doctor if you wish to take it for longer than this.

    How can you tell if you have low oestrogen levels?

    You may have low oestrogen levels if you experience hot flashes, pain during sex, vaginal dryness or missed periods. Speak to your doctor if you keep getting any of these symptoms.

    How old is too old for HRT?

    Women over the age of 60 are not normally prescribed HRT, although this is not always the case. Talk to your doctor about whether HRT would be beneficial to you.

    Does Estriol cause hair loss?

    Hair loss can occur during menopause due to declining levels of oestrogen and progesterone. HRT often helps to reverse this by increasing the levels of these hormones in the body.

    Can Estriol make your bones healthier?

    Research has suggested that Estriol may help to fight against degenerative osteoporosis.

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