Eumovate Cream & Ointment 30g

  • Available as a cream or ointment
  • Treats Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis
  • Reduces inflammation, itching and discomfort
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About Eumovate Cream & Ointment 30g
  1. What is Eumovate Cream & Ointment?

    Eumovate is a topical corticosteroid for the likes of eczema, dermatitis, insect bites and psoriasis. It contains the active ingredient clobetasone butyrate, which works to reduce swelling, itching and redness.

    It comes available as either a cream or ointment, which possess different properties, meaning Eumovate can treat a range of skin types and skin problems.

    You do not need a prescription to buy Eumovate.

    What is Eumovate Cream & Ointment used to treat?

    Eumovate can be used to treat the redness, itching and inflammation that comes with a number of different skin conditions, including eczema and dermatitis.

    Clobetasone butyrate is milder than most other corticosteroid medicines, so this treatment can be used by children as young as 12 years old.

    This medication can treat the following skin issues:

    • Eczema
    • Insect bites
    • Heat rash
    • Dermatitis
    • Psoriasis

    Eumovate is also easy to apply and, when applied twice a day, improvements in your condition should be noticeable after just one week.

    What is the difference between Eumovate ointment and cream?

    Eumovate cream and ointment both contain the same active ingredient, clobetasone butyrate. While both the cream and ointment will work in the same way, the other ingredients differ, and one may be more suited to certain skin types.

    Eumovate ointment is greasier than the cream version of this medicine, making it very beneficial for use on skin that is very dry or scaly. It will help to penetrate dry skin better than the cream will.

    However, if you are suffering from moist or weeping skin, the cream will be a better option for you as it is less greasy.

    How does Eumovate work?

    Eumovate contains the corticosteroid clobetasone butyrate as its active ingredient, which is a strong anti-inflammatory medicine which helps with swelling, itching and irritation of the skin.

    Skin inflammation is caused by your body releasing inflammatory chemicals as a response to irritation or an allergy trigger. The chemicals your body releases make the blood vessels widen; this causes swelling, itching and discomfort.

    Eumovate stops this from happening by stopping the cells from releasing large quantities of these substances.

    Who can use Eumovate?

    This medication is not suitable for everyone.

    Do not use Eumovate if you are allergic to clobetasone butyrate or any of the other ingredients contained in this medicine (please refer to the Ingredients tab for full details).

    Do not use this product to treat any of the following skin conditions, as it could make them worse:

    • Acne
    • Severe flushing of the skin on and around the nose
    • Skin that is itchy but not inflamed
    • Infected skin (unless you are also taking an anti-infective medicine)

    Please speak to your doctor or pharmacist before you use Eumovate if any of the below apply to you:

    • You are applying the cream to broken skin or within skin folds
    • You have had an allergic reaction to another steroid treatment in the past
    • You are using the product for a chronic leg ulcer. This may increase the risk of infection or local allergic reaction
    • Your doctor has advised you to apply the treatment under an occlusive dressing. To prevent infections, clean the skin before applying a new dressing
    • An infection occurs while you are using the medicine
    • You are applying it to thin skin, such as on the face. Do not use dressings or bandages on areas of the face the cream is applied to
    • You are applying the cream to your face for a long period of time (this may cause the skin to thin)
    • You have psoriasis (your doctor will need to see you regularly)
    • You are applying it to the eyes or eyelids (cataracts or glaucoma can occur if the cream enters the eyes repeatedly)

    Before using this medicine, thoroughly read the patient information leaflet located inside the box of medicine.

    Can you buy Eumovate over the counter?

    Yes, you can buy Eumovate over the counter. However, if you purchase this medicine without a prescription, you should not use it for longer than one week without speaking to your doctor.

    Can you buy Eumovate online in the UK?

    You can buy Eumovate cream and ointment online from Medicine Direct. All you need to do is fill out our confidential questionnaire for a prescriber to review; this is to ensure that the medicine is suitable for your condition.

    Next day delivery is available on any order placed with our pharmacy by 2pm.

    You should not order Eumovate or any other medication online from anywhere other than regulated pharmacies, like Medicine Direct. We are regulated by all the necessary organisations to ensure that we provide only safe, approved and genuine medication.

    Eumovate alternatives

    Corticosteroid treatments like Eumovate are among the most commonly prescribed medicines for inflammatory skin problems like eczema. At Medicine Direct, we stock a number of corticosteroids.

    Aside from Eumovate, generic Clobetasone ointment can also be bought from our online pharmacy. Clobetasone is also available over the counter and will work in the same way as the branded Eumovate.

    We also have a variety of prescription-strength corticosteroids, which will provide effective relief from symptoms like itching, inflammation and redness. Prescription-only corticosteroids available from Medicine Direct can only be ordered when you have completed an online consultation. The likes of Fucibet and Betamethasone Valerate cream are available from our online pharmacy.

  2. How do I use Eumovate?

    Our pharmacists and prescribers follow NICE guidelines when prescribing Eumovate cream & ointment.

    How to use Eumovate

    1. Wash your hands before you apply Eumovate.
    2. Apply a thin layer of the cream/ointment to the affected areas of skin. Gently rub it into the skin until the product has been absorbed.
    3. Unless you are using the product on your hands, wash them again after applying Eumovate.

    Your doctor will normally instruct you to apply Eumovate once or twice a day. This dosage may be reduced as your condition improves.

    Do not use this treatment every day for longer than four consecutive weeks. Talk to your doctor if your condition gets worse or has not improved after using Eumovate for one week.

    If the affected area is covered by an airtight dressing, the skin should be cleaned before you use Eumovate. Apply a new dressing after application.

    If you are using any other topical treatments, wait for at least 30 minutes after using Eumovate before applying them.

    How much should I use?

    The dose for applying Eumovate is measured by how many fingertips of cream/ointment you will need to apply. The average dose for adults can be seen below:

    Area of body

    Face and neck


    Chest / stomach

    One arm, not including hand

    Both sides of one hand

    One leg, not including the foot

    One foot

    Fingertip units








    See the patient information leaflet for the dosage details for children, which varies depending on age.

  3. Eumovate Cream/Ointment Side effects

    Like all medicines, Eumovate cream can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them.

    Rare side effects may occur in 1 out of 1,000 people who use it. Stop using this treatment and contact your doctor if you have any of the following:

    • An allergic reaction at the site of application
    • Burning, irritation or itching where the cream is applied
    • Weight gain, rounding of the face
    • Delayed weight gain or slowed growth in children
    • Increased hair growth or changes in skin colour
    • An increased risk of skin infections
    • Skin thinning or skin being more easily damaged
    • High blood pressure
    • Bones becoming thin or breaking more easily
    • Rash, itchy, bumpy or red skin
    • Cataract or glaucoma
    • Increase in blood sugar levels or sugar in urine

    This list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the Side Effects tab for more information.

    Serious Side Effects

    Stop using Eumovate and speak to your doctor straight away if you get any of the following:

    • Your skin problem gets worse, you get a generalised skin rash or your skin swells
    • You have psoriasis and notice raised bumps with pus under the skin

    Always read the patient information leaflet for comprehensive details on side effects. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns.

  4. Eumovate warnings and drug interactions

    Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are using any other form of medicine before using Eumovate Cream.

    If you or anyone else accidentally swallows a significant amount of the cream, rinse the mouth thoroughly and seek immediate medical attention.

    Do not use Eumovate on large areas of your body for a long time (for example, every day for weeks or months at a time), unless a doctor has specifically instructed you to do so.

    Read the patient information leaflet for comprehensive details on warnings. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist.

    Eumovate and pregnancy

    Speak to your doctor before using Eumovate if you are currently pregnant, think you might be pregnant, are trying to get pregnant, or are breastfeeding. We recommend using BUMPS for additional information.

  5. Eumovate Ingredients

    The main active ingredient within this medicine is: Clobetasone butyrate.

    For a full list of the inactive ingredients, please read the Summary of Product Characteristics.

  6. How much does it cost to buy Eumovate online in the UK?

      Quantity Price
    Eumovate Cream 1 tube £15.99
      2 tubes £29.98
      3 tubes £41.97
    Eumovate Ointment 1 tube £15.99
      2 tubes £29.98
      3 tubes £41.97


  7. Is Eumovate a strong steroid?

    Eumovate is considered to be a moderately potent corticosteroid medicine.

    How long does Eumovate take to work?

    You should start to notice your skin getting better after a few days. Do not use Eumovate for longer than 4 weeks. If you have used it for 4 weeks and your skin problem has not improved, tell your doctor.

    Can Eumovate treat spots?

    No, Eumovate must not be used to treat spots, such as acne or pimples. It may make acne worse.

    Can Eumovate be used to treat insect bites?

    Yes, you can use Eumovate cream to treat insect bites. It can work to reduce the swelling, redness and/or itchiness that may occur after an insect bite.

    Can Eumovate make my eczema worse?

    People who are allergic to Eumovate may find that using this cream makes their skin problem worse. Stop using Eumovate and contact your doctor straight away if you find that your eczema is getting worse instead of better while using it.

    Is Eumovate the same as hydrocortisone?

    Eumovate contains a corticosteroid medicine called clobetasone butyrate, which works to relieve inflammation. Hydrocortisone is also a corticosteroid, but it is not as strong as clobetasone.

    Can I apply Eumovate to broken skin?

    No, this cream must not be applied to skin that is broken, or to skin that has any open wounds.

    How often do I need to use Eumovate?

    Your doctor will normally tell you to apply Eumovate up to twice a day. Do not exceed the dose stated by your doctor.

    How long can I use Eumovate for?

    Do not use Eumovate for longer than 4 weeks. Speak to your doctor if your skin problem has not improved after this time.

    Can steroid creams thin the skin permanently?

    If you use topical steroids in high doses or for long periods, this can thin the skin and cause permanent stretch marks. This is why you must not use Eumovate for longer than 4 weeks or more than twice a day.

Medically reviewed byHussain Abdeh MPharm: 2211840

Updated on: 05/08/2021

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Hussain Abdeh Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct

Hussain Abdeh
MPharm: 2211840

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