Cerazette provides effective contraception when taken regularly. It works by preventing the release of the eff from the ovary and also increases the natural mucus surrounding the womb making it harder for sperm to pass from the vagina into the womb.


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What Cerazette 500/30 mcg is?

Cerazette tablets belong to the group of contraceptives used for the avoidance of pregnancy through various processes. The tablet works as a contraceptive due to its active ingredient desogestrel-synthetic progestogen by averting the ovary to release the egg during the period of ovulation. Tablets are available in different potencies depending upon the amount of active ingredients present in them.

Cerazette Desogestrel

Cerazette pills contain the main active ingredient that is essential in preventing pregancy called desigestrel. This ingredient works by preventing the release of the egg from the ovary in the female body. It also works by effecting the thickness of the bodys natural mucus found at the neck of the womb which makes it more difficult for spem to pass through the vagina and into the womb

Cerazette Dosage

 The main and most common dosage of this medication is 500/30mcg which can prescribed to you by our Doctors at MedicineDirect.co.uk

Recommended dosage when you have not taken any contraception before

Women are advised to take one tablet for all days till their menstrual cycle ends. They are advised to take tablets from the very first day of their cycle.

Recommended Dosage for Woman after abortion

Women are advised to take full course of this medicine immediately after their abortion. For this they do not require any other contraception along with the medicine.

Recommended Dosage after Delivery

Women are advised to start the course of this medicine after 28 days of delivery the baby to avoid further pregnancy.

Cerazette Missed Pill

If the Time has not exceeded 12 hours:

Women are advised to take the contraception tablet as soon as possible after forgetting to take a pill as scheduled.

 If the Time has exceeded 12 hours:

We recommend taking a tablet as soon as you have realised that you have forgotten to take one. Unlike most pills forgetting to take a Cerazette tablet is not a huge deal as you do have a 12 hour window in which you can still take it. However after the 12 hour window there is a chance that you may not be protected.

Where can I buy Cerazette online in the UK?

Cerazette’s tablets can only be purchased through licensed pharmacies and with a valid prescription from a UK registered doctor. However pharmacist can also provide patient with the medicine after having a short consultancy. Medicine Direct is the most convenient way to purchase contraceptive pill medication as our doctors will create a prescription for you and arrange for the medication to be sent to your specified address on the next day!

Cerazette NHS

Cerazette tablets are available on the NHS also, however please note that a face to face consultation with your doctor will need to be scheduled.

 Cerazette Side Effects and Precations

Before taking a contraception pill, women must be aware of all of its consequences while it is advised to visit a doctor regularly to avoid any hazardous consequences. Cervical areas, breast of a woman and abdominal cavity must be thoroughly observed before and after taking the tablets. Women already suffering from any kind of disorder related to the cervical region such as vaginal bleeding or even suffering from high blood pressure are not advised to take the tablets. In case of skin sensitivity, medicine should not be taken before the advice of a doctor.

Side effects of the medicine:

Incorrect usage of the tablet can lead to hazardous consequences such as:

  • It can cause severe pain in abdomen leading to water retention;
  • It can cause vomiting sensation and dizziness in women;
  • It might lead to the increase in the size of breast in women and in worst cases it might cause breast cancer;
  • Abrupt weight loss and gain can be observed;
  • It might adversely affect following pregnancies in terms of inoculating any abnormalities in a baby, therefore doctor must be consulted before it’s in take;
  • Abrupt mood swings can also be observed in the patients; and menstrual cycle might also get badly disturbed.
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