Fucibet Cream

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What is Fucibet Cream?

Fucibet Cream is a prescription-only corticosteroid cream for inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema.

It is classed as a topical treatment and when applied to affected areas of the skin, relieves itching, irritation and inflammation caused by these skin problems. Furthermore, it can be used for infected skin problems.

This medicine is safe for adults, children and babies, although the dose differs depending on age.

What is Fucibet used to treat?

Fucibet Cream is prescribed as a treatment for people who are suffering from inflammatory skin conditions, such as eczema or dermatitis.

It can also be used to treat skin infections, which can occur if your skin is cracked or broken when suffering from problems that cause excessively dry skin, like eczema or psoriasis. These conditions can also cause itching, which leads to a risk of infection if you scratch the affected area and make it bleed.

What is eczema?

Eczema can affect adults and children of all ages. This condition causes patches of the skin to become dry, irritated, flaky and cracked. Common areas you may notice eczema include on the elbows and on the front and back of the knees; however, it can occur anywhere on the body.

Eczema is very common in childhood and often clears up as children grow. Nonetheless, it can sometimes be a lifelong problem; you can also develop it for the first time in adulthood. Currently, eczema cannot be cured, but using a medicine like Fucibet can work to make a big improvement in your condition.

How does Fucibet work?

Fucibet contains two active ingredients: betamethasone valerate, which is a type of corticosteroid, and fusidic acid, which is an antibiotic. These ingredients work together to treat skin inflammation and infection.

Fusidic acid stops bacteria from producing the new proteins it needs to survive and multiply. This stops the infection from spreading. Once the bacteria can no longer spread or multiply, it will either die on its own or your body’s immune system will kill it off.

The corticosteroid works within the skin cells to reduce the release of substances that cause inflammation. This helps to alleviate unpleasant symptoms like inflammation, redness and itchiness.

How much should I apply?

The correct dose will depend on your age and the area of skin you are treating. Always follow your doctor’s dosage instructions when applying Fucibet Cream.

The usual dose is measured in how many fingertips of cream you should apply. The regular dose for adults is shown below:

Area of body

Face and neck


Chest / stomach

One arm, not including hand

Both sides of one hand

One leg, not including the foot

One foot

Fingertip units









Please refer to the patient information leaflet for dosage instructions for children, which vary depending on their age.

How to use Fucibet Cream

Always make sure you read the patient information leaflet, which will accompany your medication, for a complete list of instructions.

You will normally be told to use Fucibet Cream for up to two weeks. Tell your doctor if you have not seen any improvement in your skin problem after using Fucibet for one week.

The treatment should be applied only to the affected areas of skin. Do not apply to healthy skin.

  1. Wash your hands before you use Fucibet.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the cream to the affected areas once or twice a day, according to your doctor’s instructions. Rub the cream gently into the skin.
  3. If you are using any other topical products, allow Fucibet at least 30 minutes to absorb into the skin before you apply them.
  4. Wash your hands after applying Fucibet, unless your hands are the treatment area.

Always read the patient information leaflet for full instructions. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you need any further direction.

How long does Fucibet Cream take to work?

Most people will find that Fucibet has improved their symptoms after a couple of days of use. However, if you have been using the cream for one week and not seen any improvement, you should stop using it and contact your doctor.

Do not apply the cream for longer than two weeks as this may make the bacteria resistant to the medicine.

Who can use Fucibet?

Fucibet Cream is not suitable for everyone to use.

Do not use Fucibet:

  • If you are allergic to betamethasone valerate, fusidic acid or any of the other ingredients contained in this cream (please refer to the Ingredients tab for full details)
  • As a treatment for skin conditions caused by syphilis or tuberculosis (TB)
  • As a treatment for skin conditions caused by fungus, such as athlete's foot
  • As a treatment for skin conditions only caused by bacteria, such as spots
  • As a treatment for skin conditions caused by a virus, such as cold sores
  • As a treatment for perioral dermatitis
  • As a treatment for rosacea

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use Fucibet unless a doctor has prescribed it for them. Make sure your doctor is aware if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Fucibet Cream should not be used to treat spots, cysts, boils, fungal or viral infections or impetigo.

Can you buy Fucibet Cream over the counter?

No, you cannot buy Fucibet over the counter. This medication is only available when it has been prescribed by a doctor.

Can you buy Fucibet Cream online in the UK?

Yes, you can buy Fucibet Cream online from Medicine Direct, but first you will need to complete our confidential online consultation questionnaire. One of our prescribers will review the answers you provide to make sure that Fucibet is safe for you to use. Next day delivery is available if your order is placed by 2pm.

For your own safety, never purchase any medicine online unless it is from a regulated pharmacy, like Medicine Direct. We are regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council and the MHRA, which ensures we sell only genuine and approved medication.

Fucibet Cream alternatives

Medicine Direct has a number of eczema treatments available. All you need to do is complete our online consultation form to order the one that is most suitable for you.

Aside from Fucibet, we sell a number of other corticosteroid creams and ointments to effectively relieve inflammation associated with eczema and other skin problems. Treatments like Clobetasone and generic Betamethasone Cream are available from our online pharmacy. They will work in the same way as Fucibet, but may be more suitable for some people.

The antibiotic cream Fucidin is also available for skin infections caused by problems like eczema.

View our Eczema page to see the full range of treatments we have available.

Fucibet Dosage and Directions

Our pharmacists and prescribers follow NICE guidelines when prescribing Fucibet cream.

How long can you use Fucibet cream for?

The usual length of treatment is up to two weeks. Ask your doctor before using it for longer than this. Your skin should start to improve after a few days, but if you have not noticed any improvement after 7 days, stop using Fucibet and speak to your doctor.

Directions of use

You should only apply this medicine to the affected area of your skin or your child's skin. Do not swallow the cream or apply to internal parts of your body.

Always wash your hands before you use Fucibet Cream. If you are applying it to your face, take great care to not get it in your eyes. If you accidentally get the cream in your eyes, rinse it out immediately with cold water. You may have a stinging eye as a result of this; if the problem persists, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Always wash your hands after applying Fucibet Cream, unless your hands are the affected area you are treating.

What if I forget to use it?

If you forget to use Fucibet Cream at your usual time, just apply it when you remember then continue using it at your usual times.

Do not apply a double dose to try and make up for missing a previous one.

What if I use too much?

If you use too much of this cream, you should tell your doctor immediately. You may need to stop using it.

Is Fucibet an antifungal medicine?

No, Fucibet cream is not an antifungal and will not work to treat fungal infections.

Can I use Fucibet to treat insect bites?

If an insect bite has caused infection, Fucibet cream may be prescribed. You may be prescribed Fucibet with an antihistamine in this situation.

Can I use Fucibet to treat cold sores?

No, Fucibet contains an antibiotic medicine; cold sores are caused by a viral infection so Fucibet would not be effective in treating them.

Can I use Fucibet to treat ringworm?

No, Fucibet must not be used to treat any fungal infections, such as ringworm or athlete’s foot.

How long does Fucibet take to work?

Treatment with Fucibet normally lasts for up to two weeks. Speak to your doctor if your problem has not improved after this length of treatment. Most people notice an improvement after the first week.

Can fusidic acid be used for spots?

Fusidic acid is sometimes prescribed as a topical treatment for acne, although you should only use a medication prescribed by your doctor. A range of other antibiotic medicines are available to treat acne.

What is the difference between Fucibet and Fucidin?

Both Fucibet and Fucidin are topical treatments for eczema and other skin problems. However, Fucidin cream only contains fusidic acid as its active ingredient; Fucibet contains both fusidic acid and also the corticosteroid betamethasone. This means that Fucibet may be more effective for skin problems that also cause inflammation.

Can you apply too much Fucibet cream?

Yes, you can apply too much. Never exceed the dose prescribed by your doctor. If you have used more than you were supposed to, tell your doctor. You may need to stop using Fucibet.

Can Fucibet help to reduce scarring?

Fucibet is not able to reduce the appearance of scars, but because it helps to relieve itching and inflammation, it can help to reduce the risk of new scars by stopping you from scratching.

Can Fucibet be applied to babies?

Fucibet is not normally prescribed for children under the age of 5, due to the strength of the ingredients contained in this cream. Milder topical ointments are usually prescribed for babies suffering with eczema.

Fucibet Cream Side Effects

Betamethasone valerate, one of the ingredients contained in Fucibet, has been known to cause the following side effects. Speak to your doctor if any of the following bother you:

  • Thinning of the skin
  • Glaucoma
  • Adrenal glands stopping working (symptoms of this include tiredness, depression and anxiety)
  • A red spotty rash around the mouth or chin
  • Pimples and redness around the mouth
  • Cataracts forming
  • Sweating excessively
  • Redness of the skin, nose or mouth
  • Small veins becoming visible near the skin's surface
  • Stretch marks
  • Changes in the growth of body hair
  • Lightening of the skin

Serious allergic reaction

In rare cases, it is possible that you may suffer a serious allergic reaction to Fucibet Cream.

You must call 999 or go to A&E straight away if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • You are finding it difficult to breathe or speak
  • You have swelling in your face, mouth, tongue, lips or throat
  • You are wheezing
  • You have tightness in your chest or throat
  • You have a skin rash that may include red, itchy, swollen, blistered or peeling skin

You may be having a serious allergic reaction and require immediate treatment in hospital.

Always read the patient information leaflet for a comprehensive list of side effects and how to cope with them. If you are worried about side effects, please speak to your doctor before you start using Fucibet.

Fucibet Cream Warnings

Talk to your doctor before, during and after using Fucibet Cream. Make sure they are aware if you are taking any other medicine, including prescription and non-prescription medication, herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements as some medicines can interact with the ingredient Fusidate

Some medicines can also interact with the ingredient betametasone.

Do not use Fucibet for longer than two weeks without asking your doctor. This will avoid bacterial infections becoming immune to the treatment and side effects from the steroid.

Do not let the cream get into your or your child's eyes; this may cause glaucoma.

Do not apply the cream to your face for a long time.

Contact your doctor if you experience any visual problems while using this product.

Do not use this product on open wounds or sensitive areas like the ears or genitals, unless instructed by a doctor.

Using Fucibet over a long period of time, or on large areas of skin may increase the risks of infection or side effects. Unless instructed by a doctor, do not apply Fucibet to skin ulcers, acne, broken veins or thin skin.

Adrenal suppression can occur when using Fucibet. Symptoms of this condition include depression, anxiety and tiredness. These symptoms can be reversed when you stop using the cream.

Do not smoke or go near naked flames when you have used this cream, this may risk severe burns. Fabrics which came into contact with Fucibet will burn more easily.

Always read the patient information leaflet for complete information on warnings and drug interactions. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to your doctor before you start your course of treatment.

Fucibet Cream during pregnancy

Fucibet Cream should not be used by pregnant women unless a doctor has prescribed it for them.

Women who are breastfeeding may use Fucibet, but they should not apply it to the breast.

Be sure to tell your doctor before using Fucibet Cream if:

  • You are currently pregnant
  • You think you might be pregnant
  • You are trying to get pregnant
  • You are currently breastfeeding

If you become pregnant while using Fucibet Cream, tell your doctor.

Always read the patient information leaflet for details on who this medicine may not be suitable for. Ask your doctor if you are not sure.

Fucibet Cream Ingredients

The main active ingredients within this medicine are: Fusidic acid and Betamethasone valerate

For a full list of the inactive ingredients, please read the Summary of Product Characteristics

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