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What is Pulmicort Budesonide Turbohaler?

Pulmicort Turbohaler 100 is an inhaler that contains the corticosteroid medicine budesonide as its active ingredient.

The active steroid ingredient within a Pulmicort Turbohaler, helps to build up a resistance to different asthma triggers over time. 

Due to the steroid present in a Pulmicort Turbohaler, it is a prescription-only medicine (POM) which helps to prevent asthma symptoms from occurring.

This turbohaler is available in three different doses: 100, 200 and 400 micrograms. You will be prescribed the dose that is most suitable for your specific condition.

What is Pulmicort Turbohaler used to treat?

Pulmicort Turbohaler 100 is known as a 'preventer inhaler', which means it is used to prevent asthma symptoms from occurring.

Pulmicort is used to control and prevent symptoms of asthma such as wheezing and shortness of breath. 

A preventer inhaler should always be used in conjunction with a blue reliever inhaler such as Ventolin.

A pulmicort inhaler does not treat an asthma attack, as it is not fast acting, instead it helps your body build up a natural tolerence to asthma triggers over time. In the even of an asthma attack, you should always use your blue reliever inhaler.

Why is Pulmicort Inhaler (budesonide) recommended for treating asthma?

Budesonide, when inhaled, is one of the common types of steroid inhalers that are recommended for the chronic treatment of asthma. Budesonide is particularly known to be effective when preventing asthma symptoms, thus reducing the risk of an asthma attack.

Pulmicort is not recommended during an asthma attack, as it is not fast acting enough to be able to ease symptoms. Instead, it is a long-term treatment plan, which over time helps to reduce the side effects and symptoms of asthma.

Clinical studies have shown that the use of Budesonide for chronic asthma is strongly supported due to the improvements it makes to the airways.


How does Pulmicort Inhaler work?

This inhaler contains budesonide, which is a corticosteroid medicine that works by reducing inflammation in the bronchi that can cause an asthma attack. A pulmicort turbohaler will help your body build up a natural defence/tolerence to asthma triggers. 

To effectively prevent your asthma symptoms from flaring up, you will need to take Pulmicort Turbohaler 100 once or twice a day.

You must keep using Pulmicort every day, even if you do not have any asthma symptoms. It can take up to four weeks for the medicine in this inhaler to take full effect, although many people notice an improvement in their breathing after using it for two days.

The Pulmicort Turbohaler should not be used to treat an asthma attack. You will need to use your reliever inhaler to treat asthma symptoms as they occur. For this reason, it is vital that your reliever inhaler is always within easy reach, in case you need to use it.

Pulmicort Turbohaler Alternatives

There are various asthma inhalers that may provide effective alternatives to Pulmicort. However, you should never try a new inhaler without talking to your doctor first.

Asthma is a chronic condition that cannot be treated by over-the-counter medicines. If you wish to try a different inhaler, talk to your doctor.

If you are suffering from asthma, it is recommended that you attend regular check-ups with your GP. This will help to ensure that your symptoms are being effectively controlled by the current treatment you are using.

A 2002 study into beclomethasone versus budesonide for the treatment of chronic asthma found that they have equal efficacy. Interestingly, the study also highlighted that budesonide when inhaled via Turbohaler, is more effective than beclomethasone Metered Dose Inhaler (Clenil Modulite).

Other preventer inhalers used to treat asthma include:

Who can use Pulmicort Turbohaler?

Pulmicort Turbohaler 100 is not suitable for everyone to use. Please refer to the patient information leaflet for full details on why this medicine may not be suitable for you; ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure if Pulmicort Turbohaler is right for you.

Do not use this inhaler if you are allergic to budesonide.

Do not use this medication without talking to your doctor or pharmacist first if any of the following apply to you:

  • You have any liver problems
  • You have or have ever had tuberculosis (TB)
  • You have a lung infection
  • You have a chest infection, a cold, or any other issues with your breathing

If you experience any vision problems such as blurred vision while using this inhaler, talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

Can you buy Pulmicort Turbohaler over the counter?

No, due to the steroid nature of this product, it is classified as a prescription only medicine (POM). In order to buy Pulmicort Turbohaler, you need a valid UK prescription from a doctor or GP. Your doctor will also recommend that you attend regular peak flow tests so they can monitor your asthma and how it is responding to your treatment.

Can you buy Pulmicort Turbohaler online in the UK?

Yes, Pulmicort turbohaler can be bought online from most online pharmacies in the UK. When buying Pulmicort online, it is important that you ensure you are doing so from a fully regulated pharmacy.

Pulmicort Turbohaler Dosage and Directions

Always use Pulmicort Turbohaler 100 exactly as your doctor or pharmacist has instructed you. Read the patient information leaflet and talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you are still not sure how to use it.

You will be prescribed Pulmicort based on the NICE dosage guidelines for Budesonide.

If your child needs to use this medicine, make sure that they are using it exactly as they have been instructed to by their doctor or pharmacist.

How do you use Pulmicort Turbohaler?

  1. Unscrew and remove the white cover.
  2. Hold your inhaler upright with the brown base at the bottom.
  3. Load the inhaler with a dose of medicine by turning the brown base in one direction as far as it will go. Then turn it as far as it will go in the other direction. Do not hold the mouthpiece when loading the inhaler. You will hear a click sound when the Turbohaler has been loaded; this means it is ready to use. Do not load the Turbohaler unless you are ready to use it.
  4. Hold the inhaler away from your mouth and breathe out gently.
  5. Gently place the mouthpiece between your teeth. Close your mouth and breathe in through your mouth as deeply and as hard as you can.
  6. Remove the inhaler from your mouth and gently breathe out.
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 if you have been told to take a second dose.
  8. Replace the cap and rinse your mouth with water after you have finished using Pulmicort Turbohaler.

Use a dry tissue to wipe the mouthpiece of the Turbohaler once a week. This will keep it clean. Do not clean it with any liquids.

Should you use Pulmicort Turbohaler in the event of an asthma attack?

No, in the even of an asthma attack you should always turn to your blue reliever inhaler. Pulmicort is a preventer inhaler, not a reliever inhaler and therefore does not give instant relief.

How long does Pulmicort take to work?

Pulmicort is not fast acting, it takes time to help your body build up a natural resistance to your asthma triggers. It may take up to 4-6 weeks of consistent use to feel the full benefits of the inhaler.

How often should you use a pulmicort inhaler?

Twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Consistent use of your inhaler is needed to help your body build up a natural resistance to your asthma triggers

Can you switch to a different inhaler?

You should not switch or change inhalers unless advised by your doctor.

Is pulmicort a steroid?

Yes, this product contains the steroid medicine budesonide used to prevent asthma attacks.

Can you use pulmicort with ventolin?

Preventer inhalers such as Pulmicort are often prescribed with a reliever inhaler such as ventolin. They should be used differently and at different times. Ventolin should be taken when needed or if you feel you are about to have an asthma attack.

Does Pulmicort help with coughing?

Pulmicort helps relieve a number of asthma symptoms with coughing being one of them along with breathing difficulties, tight chest and wheezing.

Is it safe to use budesonide (Pulmicort) for a long time?

Yes, in fact; preventer inhalers containing budesonide are intended for long term use. When taken properly, they do not tend to cause any lasting side effects.

What happens if I stop using my inhaler?

Your inhaler is intended to control your breathing difficulties and prevent asthma symptoms, suddenly stopping taking your inhaler may cause asthma symptoms to appear.

Are there any Pulmicort alternatives?

There are many preventer inhalers available, some of those inhalers contain different steroid medication. It is important not to switch to a different preventer inhaler without the guidance of your doctor.

Can you drink alcohol whilst using it?

Yes, it is safe to drink whilst using your inhaler.

Pulmicort Turbohaler side effects

Like all medicines, Pulmicort Turbohaler can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them.

Common side effects include:

  • Pneumonia in COPD patients
  • Oral thrush (a fungal infection). You can lessen the risk of this by rinsing your mouth with water after using the inhaler.
  • Coughing, a hoarse voice, or a mild sore throat

Uncommon side effects are:

  • Depression
  • Trembling and shaking
  • Feeling worried, nervous, or depressed
  • Cataract
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle cramps

If you get any of the following reactions while using this medicine, tell your doctor or pharmacist as they may be symptoms of a lung infection:

  • Increased mucous production, change in mucus colour
  • Increased cough or breathing difficulties
  • Fever or chills

Please read the patient information leaflet for full details on side effects.

Pulmicort Turbohaler Warnings

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are already using any other medicine, including prescription and non-prescription medication, vitamins, herbal remedies and supplements.

In particular, tell them if you are already using:

  • Steroid medication
  • Medicines to treat HIV
  • Medicines to treat a fungal infection

Seek immediate medical attention if your breathing is getting worse or your asthma symptoms wake you up at night regularly. You should also do this if your chest feels tight in the morning or the tightness does not go away.

Please note that the above drug interaction list is not exhaustive, please read Budesonide Drug Interactions before taking this medicine.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before you start using this medication if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you think you might be pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.

Do not stop using this medicine if you become pregnant, but talk to your doctor as soon as possible. 

For more information on using Pulmicort Turbohaler during pregnacy and breastfeeding

Pulmicort Inhaler Ingredients

The main active ingredient within this medicine is: Budesonide

For a full list of the inactive ingredients, please read the Summary of Product Characteristics

How much does it cost to buy Pulmicort (Budesonide) Inhaler online?

Dosage Quantity Price
Pulmicort turbohaler 100mcg 1 inhaler £23.99
Pulmicort turbohaler 200mcg 1 inhaler £19.99
Pulmicort turbohaler 400mcg 1 inhaler £19.99

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Updated on: 20/12/2021

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Hussain Abdeh
MPharm: 2211840

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