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About Rigevidon Pill
  1. What is Rigevidon?

    Rigevidon is a combined oral contraceptive pill that is taken by women to prevent pregnancy.

    It contains two active ingredients, the female hormones levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol. Rigevidon is known as a monophasic combined pill, which means that each pill contains the same dose of these hormones.

    When used correctly, it is more than 99% effective at preventing women from getting pregnant. You need a prescription to buy Rigevidon. 

    How does Rigevidon work for birth control?

    Rigevidon contains ethinylestradiol, which is an oestrogen, and levonorgestrel, which is a progestogen. These hormones work to prevent pregnancy in three different ways:

    • They stop an egg from being released from the ovary each month.
    • They thicken the fluid in your cervix, which makes it much harder for sperm to reach an egg.
    • They alter the lining of the womb, which makes it harder for a fertilised egg to grow there.

    Please remember, this method of contraception will only work to prevent pregnancy. Rigevidon will not protect you from catching sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as AIDS or chlamydia. You will still need to use a condom for this kind of protection.

    Who can take Rigevidon?

    When you start taking Rigevidon, your doctor will wish to see you for regular check-ups.

    Do not take Rigevidon if any of the following applies to you:

    • You are allergic to levonorgestrel, ethinylestradiol or any of the other ingredients contained in this pill (please refer to the Ingredients tab for full details)
    • You have or have ever had a blood clot in a blood vessel in the leg, lung or other organs
    • You have very high blood pressure
    • You have ever had a stroke or heart attack
    • You have diabetes that affects your blood vessels
    • You have any medical condition that puts you at a higher risk of a heart attack
    • You are currently pregnant or think you might be pregnant
    • You have any unexplained vaginal bleeding
    • You have ever suffered migraine with visual disturbances, abnormal touch sensation, or movement
    • You have ever had liver disease or liver tumours
    • You have breast cancer or any other type of cancer
    • You have or have ever had any eye disorders
    • You have heart disease or fluctuations in your heart's rhythm

    Can you buy Rigevidon over the counter?

    Rigevidon is a prescription-only medicine (POM). It cannot be bought over the counter and must be prescribed by a doctor.

    Can you buy Rigevidon online?

    You need a prescription to order Rigevidon tablets. You can buy Rigevidon online from Medicine Direct by completing an online consultation with a registered doctor or pharmacist. Just fill out a simple and confidential questionnaire and your answers will be reviewed by a medical professional.

    We offer next day delivery on all orders placed by 2pm.

    Alternatives to Rigevidon

    There are many different contraceptive pills available to buy from Medicine Direct if Rigevidon tablets are not suitable.

    Alternative pills include:

    Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about an alternative for Rigevidon if you wish to try a different form of contraceptive pill.

    If you wish to try a new form of contraception altogether, you can speak to your doctor about trying one of the following:

    • Contraceptive injection
    • Contraceptive patch
    • Condoms
    • Intrauterine device (IUD)
    • Contraceptive implant

    For more information on different types of contraception that may be suitable for you, we recommend visiting the Contraception Choices website.

  2. Rigevidon Dosage

    Our pharmacists and prescribers follow NICE guidelines when prescribing Rigevidion.

    How to take Rigevidon

    To effectively prevent pregnancy, you must be consistent in taking Rigevidon. Always take these tablets exactly as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Read the patient information leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist for guidance if you are not sure.

    Take Rigevidon at the same time each day.

    Swallow the tablets whole with a drink of water.

    Each pill is marked with a day of the week. Begin taking the tablets on the correct day of the week, then continue along the strip.

    1. Take one tablet each day for 21 days.
    2. After you have taken all 21 tablets in the strip, you will have a 7-day break where you will not take any tablets. You will have a bleed similar to a period during this break.
    3. After the 7-day break, start the next strip of tablets immediately.

    After your 7-day break, immediately begin taking the next strip of pills for another 21 days. As long as you have taken Rigevidon correctly, you will not need to use a condom during the 7 days you do not take any pills.

    When to start taking Rigevidon

    If you did not use another oral contraceptive in your previous menstrual cycle, begin taking Rigevidon on the first day of your period. This will give you contraceptive protection straight away and you will not need to use an extra method of contraception.

    You can also start to take Rigevidon between the second and fifth day of your menstrual cycle. However, if you do this you will need to use an extra method of contraception, such as a condom, for the first seven days.

    What should I do if I miss taking Rigevidon?

    If you are less than 12 hours late in taking a pill, take the missed pill as soon as you remember, then keep taking the pill at the usual time. This may mean taking two pills in the same day.

    If you are later than 12 hours in taking the pill, your level of contraceptive protection may be reduced. Because of this, you should use a condom for the next seven days. The more pills you forget to take, the more your protection is lessened.

    If you have missed more than one pill, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice on what to do. Read the patient information leaflet for full guidance on what you should do if you miss a pill.

  3. Rigevidon Side Effects

    Like all medicines, Rigevidon can cause side effects, although not everyone gets them.

    The most commonly reported side effects occur in more than 1 in 10 women who take this pill:

    • Tender breasts
    • Headache
    • Weight gain
    • Irregular bleeding
    • Nausea

    Common side effects can occur in up to 1 in 10 women and include:

    • Excitability
    • Acne
    • Depression
    • Nervous
    • Eye irritation while wearing contact lenses
    • Sight disturbances
    • Migraines
    • Fluid retention
    • Weight gain
    • Increased or decreased sex drive
    • Reduced bleeding or no bleeding at all

    Speak to your doctor if any of these adverse reactions bother you or do not go away.

    This list is not exhaustive. Full details can be found in the patient information leaflet, which will come with your medicine.

  4. Rigevidon Warnings and Interactions

    Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are already taking any other medicine before you start using Rigevidon. This includes both prescription and non-prescription medication.

    The following medicines may stop Rigevidon from working properly, so it is imperative that your doctor or pharmacist is aware if you are taking any of the following:

    • Any antibiotics
    • Ritonavir (for HIV)
    • Rifampicin (for tuberculosis)
    • Griseofulvin (for fungal infections)
    • The herbal remedy St. John's wort
    • Primidone, carbamazepine, oxcarbazepine, topiramate, phenytoin, hydantoins, barbiturates (for epilepsy and other conditions)

    For more information on medicines that interact with Rigevidon, see the NICE website.

    Pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Do not take this contraceptive pill if you are already pregnant or currently breastfeeding. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist if you are breastfeeding and require a contraceptive.

    If you think you have become pregnant, stop taking this medicine and speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

    More information on taking oral contraceptives during pregnancy and breastfeeding can be found on the BUMPS website. 

  5. Rigevidon Ingredients

    Rigevidon contains the active ingredients ethinyloestradiol (30mcg) and levonorgestrel (150mcg).

    Each pill also contains the following inactive substances: Colloidal anhydrous silica, magnesium stearate, talc, maize starch, lactose monohydrate (33 mg), sucrose, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide (E171), copovidone, macrogol 6000 and povidone carmellose sodium.

  6. How much does it cost to buy Rigevidon online?

    Medicine Quantity Price
    Rigevidon Contraceptive Pill 3 Months £12.99
    Rigevidon Contraceptive Pill 6 Months £18.99
  7. FAQs

    Does Rigevidon cause weight gain?

    Weight gain is one of the most common side effects of taking Rigevidon, affecting more than 1 in 10 women who take it.

    Can Rigevidon make my breasts bigger?

    The hormones in the combined contraceptive pill can cause bodily changes such as increased breast size and weight gain.

    Can Rigevidon treat acne?

    Doctors sometimes prescribe contraceptive pills as a treatment for acne. You should only take Rigevidon to treat acne if it has been prescribed for this purpose.

    Is Rigevidon the same as Microgynon?

    Both of these medicines are combined oral contraceptives. They contain the same doses of levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol. Speak to your doctor about which may be more suitable for you to take.

    Can Rigevidon cause depression?

    Depression is a common side effect of taking Rigevidon. You should tell your doctor if you start to feel depressed while taking this medication. They should also be aware if you have depression before you start to take it.

    At what age can you stop taking the pill?

    Women over the age of 55 can normally stop using contraception as the risk of getting pregnant after this age is rare. You should stop taking the combined pill at the age of 50 and switch to a progestogen-only pill.

    Can Rigevidon reduce female facial hair?

    The contraceptive pill is sometimes prescribed for hirsutism as it lowers the levels of androgens. If you have excessive facial hair, speak to your doctor about the best treatment for you.

    What kind of pill is Rigevidon?

    Rigevidon is a combined oral contraceptive, containing two different female hormones.

    Is Rigevidon safe?

    Clinical trials have shown Rigevidon to be a safe form of contraception, as long as it is taken as your doctor tells you. Your doctor must prescribe this medicine, and they will only do so if they deem it safe for you to take.

    How effective is Rigevidon?

    Rigevidon is almost 100% effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy when taken correctly.

Written byHussain Abdeh MPharm: 2211840

Updated on: 14/01/2021

This content has been written by our Superintendent Pharmacist Hussain Abdeh and has been medically reviewed by our Pharmacist Sonia Khan

Hussain Abdeh Superintendent Pharmacist at Medicine Direct

Hussain Abdeh
MPharm: 2211840

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