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What is Seretide Inhaler?

Seretide proves an effective medication in the treatment of Asthma and other conditions that may cause breathing difficulty. Seretide works by inhaling the medication via an inhaler, the medication travels down the airways towards the lungs and relaxes the muscles ensuring that air can travel more freely meaning that breathing becomes easier.

Seretide Inhaler Dosage

In order to avoid asthma in children it is advised to give them at least two puffs of seretide inhaler in order to avoid breathing problems in them. However the dosage must not increase 100 ug as it can further cause adverse effects on lungs and other body parts of the children. The dosage is increased with the increase in health issues for instance initially 75 mg of the dose is recommendable while on later stages it can be increased to 150 mg.

Seretide Inhaler Price

The most convenient way to purchase a Seretide INhaler is online at Medicine Direct, our doctors are on hand to assess your symptoms and current medical condition in order to provide you with the correct dosage of seretide. The price of a Seretide Inhaler 100ug is £39.99

Seretide Ihaler Side Effects

  • The medicine is considered to be responsible for causing dizziness and vomiting sensation in a consumer;
  • It might also cause headache or migraine in a patient;
  • Coughing, sneezing, dryness in throat can also be caused by the intake of seretide  inhaler;
  • Skin allergies can also be caused by this medicine such as skin rashes or dryness;
  • Consumer might also starts suffering from arthritis or joints pain;
  • It might also cause adverse effects to urine in terms of making it bloody, painful and burning;
  • It can also cause pain in spinal cord and joints of a body; and
  • It also can cause bladder to pain or swell badly
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